27 on 27 / by Emi Day

  1. Dancing with my French soccer team
  2. Meeting new people everyday, who always surprise me 
  3. Some free time to straight hang
  4. The 1000 LED balloon dance party to end all birthday parties
  5. Drumming... quietly.
  6. Learning how to love in many colorful ways
  7. Sweating balls through some exciting ass conversations 
  8. Fridays with lunch club
  9. Moving to a place that changed me forever.. for round two
  10. Combatting agism
  11. Being patient with my thumbnail chakras
  12. Passing licensure exams
  13. Getting mom drunk on the back of a cruise ship
  14. Driving a SmartCar for the first time
  15. Teaching friends how to row on the river
  16. Life lessons from The Lego Movie
  17. Feeling the sun rise over Africa in every part of my body and soul
  18. Finding enormous comfort in little things like a cush bath mat
  19. Listening to how I made people feel, good and bad
  20. Organizing a giant movie night on the roof 
  21. Being extra nerdy on a folding bike all year
  22. Cooking dinners with friends for more friends
  23. Walking to work everyday in awe 
  24. Tacos. taco crawls, tacos in my apt, tacos in my belly, tacos in wicker park, taco tuesday, shout out to tacos everywhere
  25. Surviving a juice cleanse 
  26. Becoming Katniss for an evening
  27. Writing & photographing every day like the adventure that it is