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I became interested in how people are affected by space during my studies of Human Factors and Ergonomics at Cornell University. As an undergraduate research fellow, I travelled across Europe and Japan to document how eco-schools around the world were changing students’ environmental attitudes and behaviors. Excited by these self-sustaining organizations, I pursued concurrent Masters degrees in Architecture and Education at the University of Oregon so that I could learn community-building and work with educators to design resilient green schools.

I worked with The Third Teacher + at Cannon Design in Chicago for 2 years, helping to expand private schools’ notions of 21st century learning by facilitating workshops, creating masterplans, and developing campaigns for transformative capital projects. Drawing from this experience, I went on to design large public schools with Mahlum Architects for nearly 4 years, earning my architectural license in Oregon in 2016.

As a mixed race female architect, I’m keenly aware of the creative potential in collisions. I lean into differences, reach out to collaborators, and illustrate collective value. I lead a thoughtful, inclusive approach to uncertainty and strive to create a beautiful representation of process. Ultimately, I aim to span digital and physical experiences, bringing craft, curiosity, and human stories to our design work. My passions extend beyond the built environment into watercolor and photography on alpine backpacking trips and making time to be inspired in a new country every year.


Let’s build something together. Write to me at emiday@gmail.com

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As part of my ongoing professional development, I attended SXSW Interactive in March 2018. This is an enthusiastic summary of my experience which I reported back to my firm.

I strongly believe that mentorship is an important part of firm culture and building community. It is essential that learning goes both ways. Here’s how I’ve been training my team on client engagement and facilitation to improve our practice, using Mahlum’s new brand colors.



On the side, I help local small businesses create their initial web presence on Squarespace. I’m best at managing client relations, creative direction, the build itself, so I’m always looking for collaborators in brand strategy, copywriting, photography and digital marketing.
Here are some of my clients:
Belle Saveur
JDP Agency
Rose King Speechwriting
Shear Enterprises