Mealsharing: Rooftop Cinema

Last night, more than 75 people joined us on my roof to celebrate Chicago. Serving up locally made popcorn, chocolates, cheeses, fruits, granola bars, and beers while featuring our best known Chicago film, the Blues Brothers, against the skyline, it was truly a night to remember. 

"We're just a group of friends who have a passion for the food and food systems within geographic proximity to where we live. We want to spread our appreciation and celebrate local food because it supports the local economy, travels fewer miles, and allows us to connect to the actual people growing, cooking, or preparing their food. We certainly aren’t the only local foodies in Chicago, but we're an active, interdisciplinary group that met last year through friends of friends. The thing that binds us: we would all consider ourselves local foodies. We aren’t exclusive though, which is why we started throwing parties to share our love of local food and meet new local foodies."
- Emma Zimmerman, fellow foodie

Big thanks to our very own Chicago startups MealsharingSkinny Pop, Kind Bars, GH Cretors, Local Foods, and Urban Counter, as well as my co-conspirators Kyle Henry, Emma Zimmerman, Zachary Damato, and Taylor & Adrian Ion. 

Emi DayComment