Synethesia & Motion Graphics

I am absolutely captivated by visualizations that mix math, music, and moments. They allow us to understand deconstructed sounds and appreciate the song as a composition. What simple patterns and rules can we illuminate around us?  Do we all have synesthetic senses to see color in sound and feel shapes in motion? Not since Fantasia have I felt so enamored with illustrated music.

Short film by Renaud Hallee. Official Selection Annecy 2010. Music generated by an abstract life cycle. 2009 http://possiblemetrics.com Court métrage de Renaud Hallée. Musique générée par un cycle de vie abstrait. 2009

First Arabesque, by Claude Debussy, performed by Stephen Malinowski, accompanied by an animated score. FAQ To download this video or make a contribution to support this project: http://vimeo.com/50428371