3D Printing Powers of Ten

Based on Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten (1977), this sculpture is an exploration into repetition and scale. With each iteration, the iconic chair is scaled down by 1/10 of its original size and reveals the incredible complexity behind the chair’s simple form. As architects, we play with many materials and methodologies. This project utilizes modeling software and 3D rapid prototyping tools to provide altnernate perspectives of the object itself. In the classic film, our understanding of life expands to a multitude of scales. In a similar way, this project begins with the human scale and allows the viewer to imagine an expanded reality.

The series of chairs raised $450 for Thomas Interior Systems open house fundraiser that will support the families of fallen firefighters.

Special thanks to:  Kelly Jameson, Lori Day, Kelley Folts, Heather Oppitz, Tom Poore, Max Komnenich, Jay Studer