Locke High School Library


Locke High School Library,
Green Dot Public Schools

How might we harness the artistic spirit and creative energy of the Watts community to drive purposeful play and innovation at school?

No Right Brain Left Behind and Green Dot Public Schools reached out to TheThirdTeacher+ in the spring of 2013 after winning an LA2050 grant to transform Locke High School library near Los Angeles, CA. 


Green Dot Public Schools is a charter organization known for transforming the cultures of the lowest performing schools in the Los Angeles area into safe, academically rigorous, and college-prep environments. The recent restructuring of Locke High to four small academies gave the design team a unique charge: How can we create a collaborative space where students from all four schools can challenge each other productively? No Right Brain Left Behind founder, Viktor Venson believes a shared space for creative exploration can re-energize the entire community.  


A Prototype for Creative Exploration

After a brief discovery process, we prompted mixed groups of students, teachers, and administrators to design the mindset and activities of the new creative space, arranging verbs and precedent imagery into a bubble diagram. This early engagement acted as a catalyst for ongoing discussion about creative partnerships and programs for what is now the renovated library called the JetSpace.


We set out to re-design the concept of a library for the 21st century. Credit: Filmanthropos Music: M83 - Another Wave From You

Watch as Viktor Venson, a passionate creative education advocate, and founder of No Right Brain Left Behind, rallies a diverse design team to bring creativity into classrooms. Credit: Werewolves and Silver bullets  Agency: Sew Director: Patrick Meade Jones 



This was my first time working on an interdisciplinary team of brand strategists, educators, and videographers; I contributed engagement strategy, workshop facilitation, conceptual design, synthesis, and process photography.


This project was created in collaboration with:

Creative Director / Project Lead: Viktor Venson
Hex furniture Concept / Design: Patricia Echeverria Liras
Hex furniture Design Lead: Nathanael Balon 
Environmental Designer: Kellie Patry 
Designer: Dennis Delgado 
Designer: Allison Magpantay 
Production: Lauren Turk
Green Dot Schools Team: Douglas Weston, Director of Development 
Green Dot Schools Team: Chad Soleo, VP of Advancement 
Green Dot Schools Team: Tae Kim, Cluster Business Manager 
Green Dot Schools Team: Angelina Micillo, Administrator in Residence
Green Dot Schools Team: Kathleen Hicks, Educator 
Strategy / Architecture: Emi Day
Strategy / Architecture: Trung Le
Architecture partner: The Third Teacher+ / Cannon Design 
Furniture partner: Allsteel 
Carpet by: Shaw Contract Group 
Paint materials by: Behr Paint
Volunteer work: Do Good Bus and Starbucks
Foundation Support: Goldhirsh Foundation, Marcled Foundation, John W. Carson Foundation

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