Seed & Spark

An Almanac of Wonder


Seed & Spark: An Almanac of
Wonder & Curiosity

The Third Teacher + was an educational consultancy based on a book about how design can transform learning. 

Three years after the publication, The Third Teacher + team continues to believe that the 'future of teaching and learning’ is a design problem, one less about a specific solution and more about an evolving mindset. More importantly, TTT+ believes that it is a human-centered design problem that starts with curiosity, inquiry, and empathy. Through a series of workshops, interviews, and discussions with leaders in education, business, healthcare, and design, we focused on one reoccurring theme: the difference between wonder and curiosity. 

Our multi-disciplinary team set out to write a sequel to the Third Teacher, a journey that began with the notion that the capacity for wonder could be designed.  

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A Studio Explores the Future of Teaching and Learning

Our multi-disciplinary team set out to write a sequel to the Third Teacher, a journey that began with the notion that the capacity for wonder could be designed.  

We all know that carbon is essential to life: what if there’s a single element that’s just as essential to learning? Could that element be wonder?
— Jeff Leitner, Co-founder of Insight Labs

Original illustration of how wonder moves and motivates

Mapping the rhythms of wonder (Adobe Illustrator)


Original illustration of sharable scale of wonder


"In this world of shrinking economies, growing populations, climate change and the host of other worries that plague us, the concept of wonder is easy to dismiss as something we can’t see, can’t measure and certainly can’t rely on as a fix for our ailing education system.

Seed and Spark: an Almanac of Wonder and Learning explores the radically optimistic premise that design can help us articulate wonder as a state of mind and a way of being.

Relevant for anyone committed to the idea of lifelong learning in and out of the classroom, this book tracks the life cycle of inspiration, from the seeds of discovery to the growth of capacity, and maps the sparks between people that ignite ideas. With interviews, anecdotes, essays, commentaries and interpretations from a wide range of contributors, famous and unknown, Seed and Spark is an inspirational catalog of ideas and initiatives and a dazzling display of wonder in action."

Introduction by Angelica Fox, Sparkler Communications


A diagram to communicate with the research team how stories can be framed for reader engagement. (Adobe Illustrator)

An invitation into an illustrated conversation with Andrew Clark, Designer at MNML (Adobe InDesign)

(Adobe Illustrator)

(Adobe Illustrator)

We asked ourselves:

  • How do we invite others to join us on our journey of co-creation?

  • How do we test our initial set of themes with the stories we've collected?

  • How might we reach out to our database of change agents?

  • How can these stories full of wonder be illustrated and actionable?

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TTT+ team thinking aloud

TTT+ team thinking aloud

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Collaborating mainly with our editor, I laid out the book proposal, created all print materials for the workshops, including posters, icons, and diagrams of our ongoing synthesis. This project demonstrates graphic design, project management, workshop documentation, content development frameworks, and interviews.

This project was created in collaboration with Trung Le, Christian Long, Angelica Fox, Kelly Page, Lisa Lim, Ashley Marsh, Gilad Meron, and Teri Wright.