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I am an architect +
experience strategist
in Portland, Oregon.


I am an architect +
experience strategist
in Portland, Oregon.


Adapted from The Disciplines of User Experience Design by Envis Precisely (2013) and Dan Saffer (2008)


My intention is to inspire learning,
encourage interaction, and shape culture.

I am a creator, provocateur, and advocate determined to make change.
Seeking diverse collaborators in the realm of design & leadership.

This is what I can offer:


As I learn more about digital product design, I compare it to the process of making buildings, and find there’s significant overlap.



A to X: Design is a process, and so is a career.

I’ve always known that I’d be an architect of space, purposeful conversation, and intentional experiences. My passion is co-creating ecosystems of people, place, and possibility. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a people person out to make things happen. I am devoted to designing tools, cultures, and environments to cultivate a learning mindset and strategize change. 

It goes without saying that this growth mindset is not only a career choice but also a lifestyle. I’m committed to living without a car, striving to reduce my plastics consumption, purchasing ethically responsible products, and to staying woke. Furthermore, I don’t consider doing the extra research or taking responsibility and thoughtful action as a burden. Rather, I recognize —like the sharing economy and co-experiences of our time, that we are all interdependent. We are all striving, we cannot make it alone, and most importantly, we are better together.

With great humility and increasing momentum, I believe that life as a designer is to opt-in to radical optimism and collaboration across disciplines and cultures. Driven by these values, I’m here to make friends and create a movement. I show up ready to learn and am prepared to lead by example. Join me.



With my teams at Cannon Design in Chicago and Mahlum Architects in Portland, I’ve led public workshops and high profile institutions through engaged design processes on learning and productivity that last anywhere from one week to an entire year of insights. My expertise is in large-scale organizational change, experiential design, and community building.



I shape environments +
environments shape me. 
Ask me about where I’ve been.